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In 2006, fresh out of college, I (Mr. ABL) started out like many wide eyed dreamers just entering the first phase of independent adulthood …. I moved in with my parents. Big dreams, small budgets.  Not wanting to forever explain on first dates why I still had a 10 o’clock curfew, I started what would become the first budget (Paycheck – School Loans = Move Out Fund), which would help lead to home ownership and the many good and bad adventures that it entails.

Projects, budgets and adventures started out real small at first and became bigger, more complex and exciting as time grew.  At first I enlisted my old roommates aka Papa ABL and Mama ABL for projects and we became the weekend warrior crew.  Fixing up the little house I had bought, replacing appliances from 1980 that still had that wonderful gold/yellow tone and items that shouted “Grandma Lives Here” (I kid you not, kitchen cabinet knobs with little teapots and flowers on them).

Years passed with small projects and minor fixes.  Small adventures on golf trips or family vacations. Budgets that felt like retirement was somewhere at the end of the rainbow with the pot of gold if you just worked long enough.  Then one day everything changed, I met the future Mrs. ABL.  Seriously, I thought I had gotten that pot of gold from the end of the rainbow, geeky engineering kid gets gorgeous funny girl feels like the movie script from some teen drama flick, but I’ll take it.  From that day forward things kicked into high gear as we started our new lives together (well not right away, that would be weird “Hey I just met you, lets start a life together”). Adventures became bigger we they really stared to fix the house up, actually looked at budgets (school loans/house loans/cars/vacations/retirement) and decided we needed both epic vacation adventures and more local adventures to really live life…basically we adulted while trying to remain young.

Recently we decided that we should try to share our experiences to try to help others out who have similar interests. Throughout this blog you will find different D.I.Y. project adventures from our house,  vacation adventures, budgeting adventures, hiking adventures, life adventures and all of the misadventures that go with all of these different areas.  Together Mrs. ABL and I will journey through all of these areas with you and how we got through each adventure.

When reading this site, you may not find the best advice for early retirement or the best plans for making that detailed antique rocking chair from some woodworking magazine.  You may not find the most detailed trail map for a hike or the most expertly planned advice for a vacation.  What you will find here is what the average joe person experiences going through each of these adventures.  Smash your newly cut granite countertop before you can install it, yup we got you covered on how to fix it.  Didn’t start saving for retirement from your first paycheck out of college, join the club.  Got lost and hiked around to the complete opposite side of the mountain from where your car was parked, been there done that.

I absolutely read a billion financial, D.I.Y., travel and hiking blogs from many of the top experts in each field.  They are how we often get inspiration and direction for many of our different adventures and that is why we list them in our links tab (coming soon).  The reason we wanted to write is because we wanted to write from the perspective of the everyday man (and woman).  The people who get ten or twenty years down the road and say “what do you mean Social Security isn’t enough” or the people who accidentally cut twice and measured once or the people who have no idea where the heck the blue marker is at mile post 1.376 because we took a wrong turn in the parking lot to begin with.  Read this blog and join us on our adventures and misadventure, then go out and make your own.

We refer to each of the categories on this site as different types of adventures.  We believe that life is an adventure to be lived to the fullest.  For each person an adventure could mean something completely different.  For me it often means budgeting to hit a goal or a D.I.Y project that I can be proud of, but to Mrs. ABL that can mean a hike through the mountains or completing a work out routine preparing for a race.  We both have our mini adventures that we work on together that help to make our AdventureBuiltLife one grande adventure together.

About the Writers

Mr. ABL is a Civil Engineering school graduate with additional background in Economics.  Building and problem solving have always been an inspiration for adventure in Mr. ABL’s life. Looking at little ways to improve a kitchen project or a backyard deck and solving tiny problems that come up within the larger project are where Mr. ABL is most happy.  In recent years Mr. ABL has also become focused on financial planning with the goal of escaping the rat race to focus on having more adventures with Mrs. ABL.

Mrs. ABL is a health care professional with a passion for adventures in the outdoors.  She started with regular runs outdoors, but through a trip to Dominica became enamered with emmersed in the great outdoors.  Hiking and nature adventures have become regular activities in the ABL household. Mrs. ABL has started a goal to reach all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondack Park.  She has hiked numerous other peaks in the region and we have even started planning some vacations around adventure hiking. Mrs. ABL has also sprouted a passion for D.I.Y projects on the home front with Mr. ABL and is often an intergral part of the projects.

General Philosophy and Disclaimer

We have made this website to help out those on similar adventures to ours.  We may often show and/or explain how we accomplish one of our adventures, but we are not experts.  Please research all adventures yourselves before attempting and/or committing them as we make no guarantees about information provided on AdventureBuiltLife.

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